In our lifestyle studio at the Beukelsdijk you are more than welcome for all types of haircuts, crazy or natural type of haircolors, relaxing beard treatments, and ofcourse: amazing make-overs! Feel free to grab a drink, check out our merchandise or chat with other clients while you wait. Oh! After each appointment there awaits a game, do you dare..?



A different experience from what you are used to. From the comfort of not having to leave your house..
ok just a few steps to get into the bus! Or getting a haircut in front of your work while having lunchbreak?
Our mobile bus can do it all! Festivals? Party’s? A location outside of Rotterdam? Contact us for the possibilities!

Note: with our mobile bus we have a wider range for our foundation Nothin2Rockin to stand out &
help the people in need with fresh haircuts.



In 2020 we opened the doors of our castle at the Beukelsdijk 11B. We have always dreamed of being self-employed and stand for what we stand for: unity & love. After years of hard work & dedication (we still do ‘till this day on) we got the keys in January 2020, but not from the bus (yet). We renovated the whole shop: from the floors to the ceilings. Long nights, early mornings! We opened officially on March 23rd 2020. Unfortunately that took a turn and we had to close the shop after being opened for just one day only. Enough about that > we survived and we pushed through! In 2022 we finally were able to buy our mobile bus! It took us a year (!) to finish it, all handmade by ourselves (some things with help) besides cutting in the studio & on the streets. December 2023 we are able to launch our own hairproducts! Are you curious about how good these products are? Want to know our whole story? Want to experience our lifestyle? Book your appointment now and choose your option: Studio or Mobile Bus. See you soon!