When you donate €100,- or more, you will receive an exclusive N2R t-shirt.

We are Nothin2Rockin.
Born in the streets of Rotterdam in 2017, and officially established as a foundation with a mission since 2022: spreading positivity and providing assistance to the less fortunate, anywhere in the world. With a blend of soul, heart, and character, we've been reaching out to our fellow humans across the Netherlands, offering haircuts that go beyond the physical to encompass genuine conversations and renewed motivation. As 2024 approaches, we're actively working on turning our plans into reality and forging new collaborations.

Our mission remains unchanged: to assist the less fortunate through our positive approach and a rockin' haircut. But that's not all. We also aspire to make a difference in schools, specifically for children growing up in less privileged circumstances. And here's where we need your help!

We're calling on local barbers and hairstylists to join us in creating a positive impact in the community. Together, we can make a difference and contribute to a better future for those in need.

But there's more you can do! Support our mission by making donations to the Nothin2Rockin Foundation. Your contribution helps us reach more people, provide more haircuts, and make a greater positive impact. Together, we can build a community where no one is forgotten.

Do you want to help? Fantastic! With your donations, you support the foundation in the following ways:

  • Supplies for cutting: Your contribution helps us acquire high-quality materials and tools, allowing us to provide even better care to those who need it most.

  • Expanding haircut opportunities: By donating, you contribute to increasing the number of haircuts we can offer. This means reaching more people and spreading our positive approach to a broader audience.

  • Covering travel costs for participating stylists: Our dedicated stylists deserve all the support they can get. With your donation, we can cover travel costs, allowing them to contribute their time and skills to the greater good without worries.

  • Providing food and drink for those on the streets: Beyond haircuts, we believe in fulfilling basic needs. Your contribution helps us provide food and drinks for those who need it most on the streets.

  • Giving a helping hand: By donating, you directly contribute to extending a helping hand to those who could use a boost. Your contribution can make a difference in someone's life and contribute to a positive turn in their story.

Every donation, big or small, makes a difference and brings us closer to realizing our mission. Thank you in advance for your support. Let's rock together for a better world! Donate now and become a part of Nothin2Rockin's mission to bring positive change to the lives of others.